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Wind Energy Solutions

Climate change is a challenge for society and reliable alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly important to meet civilisation's (our) growing energy consumption.

Wind turbines have great potential and can cover a large portion of it. With our knowledge and experience, we at IST are ready to assist you in the development of efficient and sustainable wind turbines.

Planetary Gearbox Simulations

Elastic deformation of carrier and gears

Pin-carrier interference fit

Oil supply optimization

Friction analysis

Thermal analysis

Wear prediction

planetary gearbox wind planentengetriebe windturbine
Planetary gearbox interference fit pin

New rotor bearing concepts

Evaluation of new plain bearing concepts for wind turbine rotors

wind turbine
Lager windturbine bearing wind turbine
Flex Pad wind turbine.png
Gearbox deformation
100% flexible bodies 
Because flexibility matters...

With the capability of FIRST to consider the full interaction of flexible bodies, the delivered results are highly corresponding with the real behaviour of the components.

hydrodynamische Druckverteilung in Achsiallager eines starren Getriebes, hydrodynamic pressure distribution in a journal bearing of a rigid gear
hydrodynamische Druckverteilung in Achsiallager eines flexiblen Getriebes, hydrodynamic pressure distribution in a journal bearing of a flexible gear

Hydrodynamic pressure distribution in a journal bearing of a gear.

Verschleissvorhersage Simulation: Gesamtdruck Verschleissiterration Anfang, wear predition simulation: total pressure beginning wear iteration
Gesamtdruck Verschleissiterration Ende, total pressure end of wear iteration
Wear prediction simulation
For the sustainability

The wear prediction simulation allows you to investigate the long-run beahaviour of the hydrodynamic bearings.

Identify mixed friction conditions in an early state of the construction process, and optimize the bearing construction parameters.

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