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Darstellung Gleitlager, plain bearing simulation

Plain Bearing Simulation

For the simulation of hydrodynamic bearings in FIRST the 'Generalized Metric Surface' technology allows it to consider an arbitrary bearing geometry in the simulation process.

Due to the full integration of the bearing module in the MBS part of the software, there is no need to distinguish between a bearing geometry and a corresponding motion.

Everything is 3D!

Each geometry can handle any type of motion!

Industry leading plain bearing modeling.

The current bearing catalogue in FIRST allows it to work with 6 different bearing geometries

Plane bearing surface


Conical bearing


Cylinder bearing


Spherical bearing


Thrust bearing


Toroidal bearing


Highlights of the Plain Bearing Module

  • Solution of the Reynolds differential equation

  • Temperature calculation

    • Solution of the energy equation for temperature distribution (TEHD)

    • Adiabatic calculation of average bearing temperature

  • Local deformations of sliding surfaces

  • Consideration of tangential loads

  • Material data is retrieved from FEM models

  • User-defined bearing contour

  • Mixed friction - measured or stochastic values

  • Microhydrodynamics via flow factors

  • Arbitrary fluid supply definition

  • Partial filling

    • Variable film thickness - time and/or geometry dependent

    • Mass conserving cavitation (Kumar-Booker algorithm)

  • Pressure, temperature and shear dependent fluid parameters

  • Arbitrary groove/hole geometry on bearing surface

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