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Verschleiss in Gleitlagerschale, lain bearing shell wear

Wear Prediction Simulation

Mechanically induced surface damage, mainly caused by boundary friction in conjunction with relative motion of surfaces, is what can be called abrasive surface wear. In hydrodynamical bearings the occurence of wear is mostly undesired but often unavoidable, since it can lead to a complete failure of a bearing or whole components.

The wear algorithm in FIRST is capable of considering abrasive wear mechanisms in plain bearings, which enables you to get a better understanding of system behaviour and investigate optimization measures.

Test rig run
bearing shell wear
Gleitlagerprüfstand GLP160, plain bearing testrig
Simulation run
wear simulation run
wear simulation

Highlights of the Wear module

  • abrasive surface wear

  • roughness flattening

  • energetic wear models

  • consideration of bearing temperature

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