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Zahnräder, Gears


With the implementation of the Gears module, FIRST's flexibility has been increased even further. This feature allows you to model stand-alone gearboxes or to combine them with electric motors, IC engines or else, in order to perform various analysis such as local and global deformation and its effects on tribology, or to study NVH and gear chatter of the system.

Multibody gears simulation planetary gearbox
Zahnräder, gears

Highlights of the Gears module​

  • Realistic transmission of all forces and torques

  • Local load application on flexible gears

  • Elastic deformation of gears

  • Inner and outer gears

  • Straight or helical involute gears

  • Gear mesh stiffness and damping definition

    • Constant by DIN/ISO​

    • Variable by rotation angle (FEM/modified DIN)

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