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Bestuhlung in Konferenzraum

IST Academy

The IST Academy is our offering to support you in learning how to use the FIRST software package with all its functionalities. We offer you a variety of courses with different emphasis, which could be software based only or combined with thoretical knowledge.

All types of courses can be held either in our training facilities or at customers site.

Of course we can also deliver the knowledge via a web conference.

Ausbildung, Training: from basic to advanced

Standard Courses

From Basic to Advanced

Our standard courses cover the whole range from newcomers to advanced users. Depending on your level of knowledge and your demands, we can offer you the appropriate content. These courses consist of a well balanced mix of software and theoretical knowledge to advance your skills in tribological multibody simulation.

Custom courses: special problems need special solutions

Custom Courses

Special problems need special solutions

If our standard courses does not cover your needs, our team is happy to create a custom course tailored to your needs. A model based training, for example, could get you a deeper understanding for your existing and future models. Like in standard courses too, we will provide you not only software, but also theoretical knowledge for a more efficient modeling.

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