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Heavy Duty & Offroad

Towing vehicles, construction machines and other heavy equipment are highly dependent on the reliability of their components. Severe loads under extreme conditions demand a precise part design while maintaining time and costs at a minimum. Numerical simulations help manufacturers to keep the number of physical protypes low and shorten the development time of a product.

Medium- and heavy-duty engines

On-road and Off-road applications

Industrial engines

Main and conrod bearings

Piston group with piston rings

Valve train

Crank mechanism

Structural dynamics analysis

NVH analysis

Bearing design evaluation


Lubrication evaluation

Wear prediction

Image by omid roshan

Hydraulic pumps

Axial piston pumps

Radial piston pumps

Fuel injection pumps

Shaft bearings

Thrust bearings


Spherical joints

Bearing design evaluation

Friction analysis

Wear prediction

Leakage examination

Image by Dimitry Zub
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