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Engineering Services

Our long term experience with tribological systems is your benefit when you need a solution for a tribological problem. We provide you with tailor-made solutions for your simulation task.

From the first mesh element up to the final verdict, and everything in between, is our range of services.​​​

Server: Engineering Services and Simulation Projects

Simulation Projects

No capacities to do it by yourself?
We deliver you a tailored solution!

If you only have occasional needs for a simulation or need additional recources and software purchase is not an option, our experienced engineering team is at your service. 

After a detailed examination of your problem to get a good understanding of your goals, we will provide you with a detailed solution agenda. With all neccesary model data, like CAD models, materials and construction details we create the models and perform the simulation runs for you. Most importantly you will also get a detailed analysis of the results with a final verdict and a presentation at your site.

Simulation Pilot Projects tailored to your needs

Pilot Projects

Not sure how to use all the possibilities?

Tell us your project plans!

After an exact evaluation of your modeling goals according to your specifications, we will create a simulation model tailored to your needs. At the end you get a ready-to-use simulation model to get you working without much effort from your side.

Consulting Step-by-Step solutions

Step-by-step solutions

Sometimes a new problem requires new solution methods. It could be a single simulation project where you need an implementation of new modeling techniques or you need assistance to improve your overall simulation workflow with FIRST. Our consulting projects offering ensures that you get the most out of the software.

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