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The automotive industry is shifting towards more sustainable means of propulsion, and electric drives offer a number of advantages: zero local emissions, noise reduction and performance. We have the expertise to assist you in designing the drivetrains of the future.


Interaction between electromagnetic and mechanic forces

Torque ripple

Rolling bearings

Gear box with gear interaction

NVH and gear chatter

E-Motor electric motor E-drive
Rolling bearings
FIRST RB Coupling Element
Rollenlager roller bearing
  • Local elasticity of inner and outer rings

  • Local loads applied upon rings and rolling elements

  • Consideration of pre-tension and clearance effects

  • Lateral loads for each rolling element

  • Thermal expansion of rings

  • Pre-deformed shapes or irregularities

  • Minimum film thickness calculation

Schaeffler Bearinx-MAP interface
BearinX chart Kraftkopplung
  • Point-to-point force coupling method

  • Available for all Schaeffler bearings

  • Look-up table solution based on characteristic diagrams

  • Non-linear behaviour

  • Influences of the DOFs on each other

  • Consideration of bearing clearance

  • Very wide load spectrum

Getriebe flexible gears
  • Realistic transmission of all forces and torque

  • Local loads applied upon flexible gears

  • Straight or helical gear geometry

  • Inner and outer gears

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