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Kolbenringe Hintergrund, piston ring background

Piston Ring Simulation

The piston ring simulation feature in FIRST enables a deep understanding of the complex interaction between piston ring dynamics, gas pressures and piston secondary motion. Precise estimates of blow-by, reverse blow-by, friction losses and dynamic ring stability contribute to the development of clean, efficient and durable engines.

Multibody piston ring simulation
Piston ring pressure distribution
Piston ring gap distribution

Highlights of the Piston Ring module

  • 100% flexible bodies

  • 3D or beam model (precision vs. speed)

  • full interaction between rings/piston & rings/liner

  • full influence on piston secondary motion

  • EHD simulation for all ring surfaces

  • arbitrary shapes for all surfaces

  • 1D or 2D mass conserving gas dynamics

  • blow-by effects

  • ring pre-tension 

  • friction losses

  • wear indication and run-in simulation

  • oil film thickness estimate

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