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 Multibody System Simulation Software 

FIRST is an advanced Multibody System (MBS) simulation software for the dynamic analysis of lubricated mechanical components. It allows you to generate and simulate extensive 3D models to gain a detailed insight into the dynamical and tribological behaviour of the components.

FIRST is used in a wide range of industrial sectors for dynamic simulations 

FIRST supports you at modeling different types of systems with a variable level of detail,

depending on whether your focus lies on a high precision of the results or short calculation times.

FIRST Key Features

Multiphysics simulation

Flexible bodies

Highly scalable

Robust solvers


Various modeling levels

Comprehensive toolbox

FMI interface

Explore the Possibilities of FIRST


Plain Bearings

Temperaturverteilung Gleitlager, temperature distribution of a plain bearing

'Arbitrary Metric Surface' allows the consideration of any geometry.

Valve Train

Ventiltrieb Modellierung mit Mehrmassenfeder, HLA und Nockenkontakt, valvetrain modeling with multi-mass-spring, HLA and cam contact

Valvetrain modeling with

multi-mass-spring, HLA and

cam contact.

Roller Bearings

Rollenlager, roller bearing

Different roller bearing modules are available with variable levels of detail.


3D Zahnradkontakte mit lokaler Lastaufbringung, 3D gears contacts with local load application

3D gear contacts with local load application.


Temperaturverteilung Fluidfilm Ring, temperature distribution fluid film ring

The TEHD module allows you to determine fluid film and body temperatures.


Verschleissvorhersage unter Beruecksichtigung von Oberflächenrauheiten, wear prediction simulation considering surface roughness flattening

Wear prediction simulation, considering surface roughness flattening.

Electromagn. Forces

elektromagnetische Kräfte: Berücksichtigung elektromagnetischer Wechselwirkungen innerhalb der dynamischen Simulation, consider he electromagnetic interacting effects within the dynamic simulation

Consider the electromagnetic interacting effects within the dynamic simulation.

Piston Rings

Kolbenring Dynamic unter Berücksichtigung von Struktur-, Gas und hydrodynamischer Effekte, Piston ring dynamics considering structural, gas and hydrodynamic effects

Piston ring dynamics considering structural, gas and hydrodynamic effects.


Features for specific modeling tasks

Features for specific modeling tasks.

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