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Rotordynamik von Turboladern, rotordynamics of turbochargers


The rotordynamics of turbochargers are significantly influenced by the non-linear behaviour of the floating bushing bearings. To determine the harmonic and subharmonic oscillations as well as the stability limits, FIRST allows to consider the entire system - consisting of rotor, compressor and turbine wheel - as elastic bodies and couple them with the non-linear inner and outer lubricant film of the floating bushing.

Buchse, bushing
Schwimmbuchsen Fluidfilm, Floating bushing fluid film
Wasserfall Messung, Waterfall mesurement
Wasserfall Simulation, waterfall simulation
Wasserfall, Waterfall

Highlights of the Rotordynamics module

  • Gyroscopic effects

  • Floating bushings with fluid film coupling

  • Critical speed detection

  • Indicate subharmonics and instabilities

  • Campbell/Waterfall plots

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